To prevent water from pooling near the home’s foundation, your gutter system requires special vertical drainage. These captivating Copper Rain Chains save the day by diverting rainfall away from your structure in a mesmerizing visual and aural display. Composed of multiple cups that ‘catch’ rain as it descends from your gutters.

Copper Rain Chains Porch

Rain Chains are an easy, economical way to harvest water throughout the seasons. Maintenance-free, 100% copper that begins with stunning shine and will change to rustic patina with age and exposure. Copper is sustainable material, naturally antimicrobial for safe and clean harvesting of rainwater.
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Use the universal V hook to attach the chain to the gutter opening—no adapter or tools necessary.
Then sit back, relax, and listen to the soothing sounds that emanate with each drop of cascading water. Perfect for meditation (and practical water diversion!), rain chains make an amazing decorative addition to any landscape design. So mount one of these magical cables to your roof’s overhang, and enjoy your own personal water fountain in a matter of minutes! Below are some links to some economical copper rain chains available online.

How do rain chains work?

Originating in ancient Japan, rain chains are a decorative extension of your existing gutter system. Instead of diverting water away from the house with a bulky downspout, the chain’s large cups collect and funnel water from the roof to the ground.

The process is not only picturesque—but also incredibly beneficial. While closed downspouts get clogged with leaves, dirt and other natural debris, your rain chains will never have to be serviced! Save time, money and worry over your drain’s appearance.

Rain Chain Installation Steps

Managing your gutter system has never been so simple:

  1. 1 – Remove your existing downspout from the gutter
  2. 2 – Place the chain’s ‘V’ hook in the gutter opening
  3. 3 – Add or remove links to achieve the perfect length
  4. 4 – Run the chain to a ground drain, rain barrel or basin
  5. 5 – Watch in awe as your water feature works its magic!
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Cooper Rain Chains for rain gutters are fun and easy to install – try some today!


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