Protect your home from water damage! Gutter Guardians direct rain water onto your lawn and away from your home’s foundation.

With wide-open mouths to steer water from your downspouts onto your lawn (and keep it from damaging your foundation), out gutter guardians splash happily as some of the most decorative architectural art we’ve seen! Cast in quality designer resin to capture Gothic sculptural detail, from scaly skin to wide eyes, these statues are as fun as they are functional.

Dragon Gutter Downspout Extension

High quality gutter guardian – hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin, our doggy downspout statue is topped with a UV resistant Graystone finish

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Fits standard rectangular downspout to 2½ “x3”. Dimensions of these statues vary depending on which model you choose. Statues weight in around 2 lbs.

Butch the Bulldog Gutter-Guardian Downspout StatueDarian The Dragon Gutter Guardian Downspout Extension Statue


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